About Us

My love affair with boxers began in November of 2000 when I welcomed my first boxer girl into my home. I had always been a cat person but having been influenced by other people I decided to purchase a dog. Not just any dog, but a boxer dog!
I had known only one boxer my whole life and in my young mind she was a handful! I recall cringing when I got out of the vehicle to go visit my aunt and uncle because I just knew “Betsey” was going to come bounding across the field only to jump on me and plant kisses all over my face!

The day I brought “Kira” home, I remember thinking my sweet puppy is never going to behave like “Betsey”! Well, was I ever wrong! My sweet little puppy turned out to be quite a handful and much more behaviourally challenged than “Betsey” ever was! I worked and trained with her for many years to transform her into a well behaved member of my household.

Throughout my years with Kira I gained a wealth of knowledge about how to train my dogs, and to deal with reactionary behaviour.

Ultimately Kira’s behavioural challenges really didn’t matter because I loved her far more than I ever expected. She was my companion and educator, teaching me many valuable life lessons. Most importantly, along with humility, she taught me unconditional loyalty and adoration. As with all of my successive boxers, Kira displayed devotion in the purest form.

Since having “Kira” quickly confirmed the importance of having a boxer in my life, I purchased my second boxer in 2001. “Kasch” was my first show dog. Not only did I develop a passion for boxers but I am also passionate about showing my boxers!

Our Establishment

Livin boxers is Jeannie and Harold Miskey. This became our registered name in May 2009. We are a small, in-home kennel located on a large acreage North West of Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Our priority is to raise and produce healthy, structurally and temperamentally sound boxers while focusing on the dog as a “whole.” We are actively involved in both obedience and conformation. Our Boxers live in our home and are an integral part of our family. We intensely value our dogs and consider that each one of them has something to share and to teach us.

We adhere mostly to natural and holistic approaches to raising our boxers. We seek alternative measures of tending to the health of our family, both people and animals. To promote healthy immune systems, our dogs are naturally reared, meaning they are free of chemicals and weaned onto a prey model raw diet. We use holistic and homeopathic approaches to rearing our dogs and we maintain a chemical free home.

We are currently members of the Boxer Club of Canada, the Alberta Boxer Club (Jeannie has been the club president since 2015),The Canadian Kennel Club, and The American Boxer Club. For updates on litters and available dogs, please refer to our Puppies page.